4 Tips to Choose a Labiaplasty Specialist in Annandale, Virginia

There is absolutely no shame in vaginal rejuvenation! It’s increasing in popularity, and women everywhere are enjoying the activities they used to avoid because of excess labia tissue.

If you’re avoiding things like swimsuits and bike rides, then you need to find a surgeon offering labiaplasty. Take a look at these top tips on how to choose a labiaplasty specialist in Annandale, Virginia.

  • Talk to Your OB/GYN

When you’re considering labiaplasty, it’s best to talk to your OB/GYN first. They are the medical professional who has the most insight into your health history, and they can often point you in the right direction toward an amazing labiaplasty specialist in Annandale, Virginia. They may even be one!

  • Turn to the Internet for Direction

Talking to your friends and family about labiaplasty usually isn’t an option, unless you’re comfortable with it. So, the best alternative is the internet. Reliable websites like HealthGrades.com offer much more than reviews about a provider. You can also find information like office hours, parking, and wait times. 

  • Check With Your Insurance

Unfortunately, most insurance companies won’t cover labiaplasty, because it’s considered a plastic surgery. However, if your elongated labia are truly interfering with your daily life, you may be able to have insurance cover the cost.  

  • Book an Appointment to Feel Out Your Provider

When you think you’ve found the provider you want to perform your labiaplasty, book an appointment to get to know them. Talking about getting a labiaplasty is very personal, and you need to feel comfortable with your surgeon. If you feel judged, look for a different labiaplasty specialist.  

The Best Labiaplasty Specialist in Annandale, Virginia Is at Annandale Ob-Gyn!

At Annandale Ob-Gyn, our surgeons are skilled in the latest techniques and provide the highest quality of healthcare. You can trust us to personalize your treatment for amazing results.

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