Best Vagina Surgeon in Tysons Corner, Virginia

Best Vagina Surgeon in Tysons Corner, Virginia

Expert Tips from the Best Vagina Surgeon in Tysons Corner, Virginia: How to Keep Stay Healthy

Stop and think for a moment about all that your reproductive organs are responsible for. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

That’s why keeping your vagina healthy is so important. Here’s what the best vagina surgeon in Tysons Corner, Virginia recommends you do to maintain a healthy and happy reproductive system.

Aim for Whole-Being Wellness

When you eat a well-balanced diet, it impacts your entire being including your vagina. Eating foods that aren’t good for you such as processed or those high in sugar can lead to health conditions that can have a negative effect on your sexual organs. The right diet, exercise, and hydration are all excellent habits!

Make Routine Visits to Your OB/GYN

Wellness screenings with the best vagina surgeon in Tysons Corner, Virginia are imperative for optimal vaginal health. These routine gynecological care visits allow for tests that will detect any issues before they become serious.

Practice Safe Sex

Using condoms not only prevents pregnancy but the spread of STIs as well. Conditions like chlamydia, syphilis, and gonorrhea can cause infertility and other health issues. Better safe than sorry!

Be Careful With What You Use “Down There”

Believe it or not, your vagina cleans itself. Harsh chemicals and douching actually disrupt your body’s natural processes. Instead, use a gentle soap on the exterior of your vagina. If you have sensitive skin, use products that won’t cause irritation when cleaning your vagina.

Use Natural Lubricants

Many women find that olive and coconut oils are acceptable forms of natural lubricant. Other women prefer water-based or silicone products. If you’re unsure, speak with your OB/GYN about what might work best for you.

A Couple of Things to Keep In Mind About Menopause

If you experience bleeding a year after your period has stopped, don’t ignore it. That could signal changes in your reproductive system that may be serious.

If you are going through menopause, consider asking about vaginal estrogen. This will help with vaginal dryness and alleviate painful intercourse.

Where Do You Go to Find the Best Vagina Surgeon in Tysons Corner, Virginia?

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