Can Hormones Cause Cancer?

Can Hormones Cause Cancer

If you’re going through the “change of life” and you’re considering hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to manage awful symptoms, you may be wondering about their safety. Keep reading to learn more!

Here we will answer some of the most common questions. For example, can hormones cause cancer? Also, is this a risk for menopause treatment? Here’s what you should know!

Can Hormones Cause Cancer?

When it comes to estrogen-progestin therapy (EPT), your risk of cancer is as follows:

  • Endometrial cancer: There is no evidence of a link between endometrial cancer and EPT.
  • Ovarian cancer: There is an increased risk, but it is very low. Only one extra case of ovarian cancer per 1,000 women that are 50 years old and taking hormones for menopause for five years is expected.
  • Breast cancer: There is a link between EPT and breast cancer, but it is even lower than the ovarian cancer risk. It’s also associated with the length of time you take hormones, with your risk increasing the longer you do.
  • Skin cancer: There is no known link between menopausal hormone therapy with an estrogen-progestin blend and this type of cancer. 

Put Your Mind at Ease by Asking Your HRT Specialist Questions Before Starting

In addition to asking, “Can hormones cause cancer,” there are other questions you can ask that will help you feel more comfortable in proceeding with treatment if you decide to.

  • Are there lifestyle changes that can help me reduce my risk of cancer?
  • Should I avoid hormone therapy based on my health?
  • Are there medications I’m taking that increase the risk of me developing hormone-related cancer?

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There is very little increased risk of hormone replacement therapy with EPT, and overall, they are quite safe. Plus, we have other options to help address your symptoms!

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