Can I Work Out After Childbirth, or Do I Need to Wait?

Can I Work Out After Childbirth, or Do I Need to Wait?

Having a baby is the most exciting time of your life! While it is a wonderful time, you might be wondering how long you should wait to work on getting your pre-baby body back.

If you’re asking, “Can I work out after childbirth,” here are some guidelines for you to follow. 

Can I Work Out After Childbirth? Here’s the Importance of Exercise After Having a Baby!

Obviously, exercise and staying fit are crucial to staying healthy. But, how does it help after pregnancy? For starters, you’ll lose weight especially if you combine exercise with a healthy diet. You’ll also improve your abdominal strength and boost your energy. 

Exercise after pregnancy helps promote better sleep which you’ll need! It’s a great stress reliever too. Some studies have shown that regular exercise can help prevent postpartum depression, as well. 

What if I’m Breastfeeding?

There is no indication that moderate exercise will affect your ability to breastfeed, the quantity and quality of your breastmilk, or your baby’s health. It is extremely important you stay hydrated though. 

It is possible for strenuous exercise to cause an accumulation of lactic acid in your breastmilk, which may taste unpleasant to your baby. If you are participating in vigorous exercise, it’s recommended you either feed your baby or pump milk before your workout.

When Can I Workout After Childbirth?

If you had an uncomplicated, vaginal delivery then it’s okay to start exercising a few days after you’ve given birth. If you’ve had a C-section or difficult delivery, it’s best to wait for your OB/GYN to give you the green light.

Either way, be sure you take it easy in the beginning! It’s important you listen to your body and advice given to you by your OB/GYN. 

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