Diets for Pregnancy: Which Foods Should I Eat

Diets for Pregnancy: Which Foods Should I Eat

With so many facets to prenatal care, your journey to motherhood is often more confusing and conflicting than it needs to be.

From diets for pregnancy to exercise and supplements, you want to do right by your body and your baby, ensuring proper nutrition. Here are the foods to love during your pregnancy, as well as top foods to avoid during this special time.

Foods to Enjoy

A varied, nutritious diet is crucial for both you and baby. Welcome these delicious foods during your pregnancy:

  • Avocados for a boost in vitamins and healthy fats
  • Berries for an increase in antioxidants, vitamin C, fiber and water
  • Certain well-cooked seafoods, such as salmon, shrimp, catfish and a few others, limited to two or three servings per week
  • Dairy products, such as yogurt, cheese and milk, for extra protein and calcium
  • Thoroughly washed fruits and veggies, of course
  • Water, which isn’t a food of course but very important to your diet

Foods to Avoid

Don’t worry, there aren’t as many restrictions as you’d think. If anything, it’s more about food preparation safety rather than food restriction. Here’s what you need to avoid:

  • Alcohol
  • Excessive caffeine, keep it to less than 200mg a day
  • Excessive processed junk food, offering empty calories and no nutrition
  • Seafood high in mercury, such as swordfish, bigeye tuna, king mackerel, and marlin to name a few
  • Undercooked fish, meat, eggs, and poultry
  • Unpasteurized foods and liquids

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