DIY Stretch Mark Relief Scrub

Making a baby is a wonderful and priceless journey but often, it takes a toll on the body. One thing many moms fear during pregnancy is their bodies growing too fast and forming stretch marks. While some of this depends on genetics, there are simple ways to reduce the chances and severity of stretch marks. Applying cocoa butter, shea butter or coconut oil seem to help the most. Mixtures of any of these creams and Aloe Vera can provide even better results. If your body does stretch and stretch marks form, the best chance for optimal results is soon after delivery. There is a tried and proven recipe for fading stretch marks.

Take equal parts coffee grounds, Honey, coconut oil and brown sugar and mix in a bowl. Gently rub on affected areas for 10-20 minutes before taking a bath or shower every evening for 12 weeks. Strivectin, a patented stretch mark cream, and laser treatments can also help.

Author: Dr. Anna Le