Does My Insurance Cover Menopause Care?

Does My Insurance Cover Menopause Care?

Menopause is a natural part of life that doesn’t always require medical care. However, women’s healthcare professionals can help you deal with difficult symptoms when needed to improve your quality of life.

You may be wondering, “Does my insurance cover menopause care?” Here’s what you need to know!

What Treatments Can Help Me Manage My Menopause Symptoms?

There are many treatments and lifestyle changes you can use to manage your menopause symptoms more effectively. The most common option is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to regulate your hormones.

Other treatments are specific to your specific symptoms, such as vaginal atrophy or urinary incontinence. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may alleviate these, but that’s not always the case.

Your menopause doctor may prescribe low-dose antidepressants, vaginal estrogen, vitamin D, and / or other options based on your needs.

Does My Insurance Cover Menopause Care? If So, Which Treatments?

Medications and treatments for menopause care are sometimes covered by health insurance and sometimes not. The reality is that you don’t really know until you call your insurance provider and ask which treatments are covered.

Many medications that are used for menopause management are typically covered by health insurance, however the ones not covered are typically medications or treatments for sexual dysfunction.

When wondering, “Does my insurance cover menopause care,” you should know that the only way to find out the specifics of what is and isn’t covered is to ask them directly.

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