How Does a Vaginal Looseness Specialist in McLean, VA Treat This Concern?

Vaginal Looseness Specialist in McLean

While vaginal looseness isn’t medically dangerous, it can still be cause for concern.

If you’ve noticed vaginal laxity, are experiencing incontinence, and / or have noticed dryness during sex, it may be time for you to visit a vaginal looseness specialist in McLean, VA to learn more about non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation.

What Causes Vaginal Looseness?

Vaginal laxity causes include childbirth, aging / menopause, weight fluctuations, and other issues that contribute to the condition. Fortunately, you have treatment options that have proven safe and effective.

Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

Surgery, done under local or general anesthesia, tightens vaginal muscles and surrounding soft tissue. Most women find they can resume daily activities a few days after surgery but may need up to six weeks to completely heal. Results are long lasting, and for many women, can be permanent.

Non-Surgical Feminine Rejuvenation

Non-surgical laser vaginal rejuvenation is much less invasive than surgery. It stimulates collagen production and cell tissue renewal. This treatment requires significantly less downtime than surgery ,and there is less risk of complications.

As with surgery, results may last for years, though you may need a series of two to three treatments for optimal results and / or maintenance treatments once you’re no longer experiencing maximum benefit.

How Do I Find Out Which Option Is Best for Me?

With either option, you’ll need an exam and health assessment done by your vaginal looseness specialist in McLean, VA. Afterward, you’ll work with your specialist to determine which treatment is right for you.

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