How Much Recovery Time Can I Expect With a Vaginoplasty?


As you age or after having children, you may feel as if you’ve lost vaginal laxity. But thankfully, vaginoplasty makes vaginal rejuvenation possible.

It is surgery though, so many women ask, “How much recovery time can I expect with a vaginoplasty?” 

Here’s What to Expect During Surgery

Before surgery, you’ll discuss with your vaginoplasty surgeon the amount of tightness you desire. Once decided, your surgeon will make an incision at the posterior part of your vaginal opening.

Tissue layers are closed, and excess tissue is removed. This is a procedure typically done in combination with a perineoplasty

How Much Recovery Time Can I Expect With a Vaginoplasty?

Every woman is different, but on average, recovery takes around six weeks. You will get post-care instructions from your surgeon,. To ensure proper healing and a successful outcome, it’s imperative you follow them. 

Here’s What You Should Expect Soon Following Vaginoplasty

When answering, “How much recovery time can I expect with a vaginoplasty,” it’s a good idea to keep the timeline in mind.

As previously mentioned, you will receive full post-care instruction, but here’s what you should expect in the days following your surgery:

  • Post-Op Days One and Two: You may rest a day or two at the hospital before being discharged. This is necessary to allow healing to begin. 
  • Post-Op Days Two and Three: At this stage, your surgeon will remove all dressings and drain from your surgery site. You’ll start sitting up in bed and walking. 
  • Post-Op Day Five to Seven: Tight gauze packing, along with your stent if it was needed, will be removed.

You should also prepare for regularly scheduled follow-up visits with your surgeon and activity restrictions. 

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