How to Find a Menopause Specialist in Falls Church

You might be asking yourself if it’s really necessary to see a menopause specialist. Why isn’t your OB/GYN enough?

The truth is if you’re struggling with menopause, you’ll beneft from talking to someone who specializes in menopause. Not sure how to find a menopause specialist in Falls Church? Here are some pro tips!

Do You Really Have to Break Up With Your Current OB/GYN for a Menopause Specialist?

Many women wonder when asking how to find a menopause specialist in Falls Church if this means they’ll need to leave their OB/GYN. Perhaps you’ve had the same OB/GYN for many years and the idea of “breaking up” with them is uncomfortable. 

If so, remember the big picture. Menopause is a transition, and it requires specialized care. If your current OB/GYN isn’t well-versed in menopause treatment, you may need to choose a new one. 

Look for a Provider Who Has Extensive Experience Treating Menopause

Unfortunately, not all  have training or experience treating menopause symptoms. Medical schools simply don’t offer adequate training, and what is offered is typically elective.

When choosing your menopause specialist, make sure to verify their experience and education. 

You Should Ask for Recommendations

Begin with your primary care provider, then talk to family and friends. These are people you can trust to give you safe recommendations. It’s also possible your health insurance requires a referral from your doctor, so double check that to find out if you need one. Choosing one who is in-network can be important from a financial perspective.

Still Need to Know How to Find a Menopause Specialist in Falls Church? You’ll Find the Most Qualified at Annandale OB/GYN!

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