Loose Vagina Surgery Specialist in McLean, Virginia

3 Top Reasons to See a Loose Vagina Surgery Specialist in McLean, Virginia!

Unfortunately for us ladies, our vaginas change over time for a variety of reasons, such as childbirth and aging.

Changes in elasticity, structure, and appearance can sometimes be discouraging, and that’s why seeing a loose vagina surgery specialist in McLean, Virginia is the smart choice.

Having Babies Is Wonderful, But It Can Affect Your Vagina

A common issue after childbirth is incontinence and the feeling of vaginal laxity. There are vaginal rejuvenation treatments available that both reverse vaginal laxity and resolve incontinence issues.

Aging Doesn’t Just Happen to the Face

With aging, as hormones fluctuate, women can lose muscle strength and undergo a reduction in surrounding connective tissue. This can cause an issue with elasticity and a thinning of the vaginal walls. A loose vagina surgery specialist in McLean, Virginia can explain the options you have for correcting these issues.

Don’t Like What You See Down There? A Loose Vagina Surgery Specialist in McLean, Virginia Can Help!

The reason you’re interested in vaginal surgery may be that you don’t like the appearance of your vagina. If this is the case, less invasive laser or radio-frequency treatments might work for you.

Are There Questions I Should Ask Before Vaginal Surgery?

Yes, there are! Be prepared when you go for your consultation and consider asking these questions:

  • Are there risks involved? What about side effects?
  • What are the benefits of vaginal surgery?
  • Will this procedure affect my ability to have and feel orgasms?
  • Will the treatment I choose affect my ability to have kids in the future?
  • Will using feminine hygiene products like tampons be a problem?

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