Mammogram Specialist in Tysons Corner, Virginia

Mammogram Specialist in Tysons Corner, Virginia

How Do I Get My Results From My Mammogram Specialist in Tysons Corner, Virginia?

Consistent and early care is important for taking care of your health as it relates to your breasts. An important part of maintaining your health is keeping track of all of your health information.

After your mammogram you might wonder, “How do I get my results from my mammogram specialist in Tysons Corner, Virginia?”

How Do I Get Results From My Mammogram Specialist in Tysons Corner, Virginia?

There are a number of different ways that you may receive your mammogram results from your mammogram specialist. Some providers may call you with your results, while others will send an email and others will post your results to an online portal.

If your gynecological provider referred you to a breast specialist, then your specialist may deliver your results to your referring doctor, and then that doctor will deliver them to you. Make sure to check with your specialist at your appointment to find out which way your results will be delivered.

Okay, So Now What Do I Do With Mammogram Results?

What you do with your results will depend on what those results are. If your results show nothing abnormal, you do not need to do anything other than go in for your next mammogram at your provider’s recommended interval.

If your results are abnormal, your doctor will likely order a diagnostic mammogram. In some cases, your doctor may suggest that you have another mammogram in six months or may schedule a biopsy.

Why Are Mammograms Important?

Regular mammograms are a very important part of keeping track of the health of your breasts. They are the best way to do breast cancer imaging. By being consistent about your check-ups, it’s often possible to catch any issues early before they develop into life-threatening problems. The American Cancer Society recommends a yearly mammogram between ages 45 and 54.

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