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3 Tips From a Top OB in McLean, VA on How to Keep Your Vagina Clean

When it comes to your vagina, there’s a lot going on down there, and even more misinformation on the internet on how to take care of it.

The days of douching are long gone, so what are you supposed for gynecological care to help keep this area clean? Take a look at these top tips from the best OB in McLean, VA on how to keep your vagina clean.

  • Keep Your Pubic Hair

Even though it is trendy and seems sanitary to go bare, your pubic hair is actually very beneficial in keeping your vagina clean. It protects your intimate area against harmful bacteria and helps with sweating and chaffing.

Not to mention, ingrown hairs and razor burn are not fun on any part of your body, but especially there.

  • Ditch the Douche

You may smell like a summer breeze, but douching is actually harmful for your vagina. When you douche, it eliminates your healthy vaginal bacteria, which has major effects on the PH balance of your vaginal areas and can lead to yeast infections. If you’re worried about an unhealthy smell from your vagina, make an appointment with the best OB in McLean, VA for treatment.

  • Practice Safe Sex

The best and simplest way to protect your vagina is by having safe sex. Always use protection, get tested regularly for STDs and STIs, and make sure you’re not allergic to any ingredients in condoms.

Also, you should know that condoms with spermicide, while beneficial in preventing pregnancy, harm the good bacteria in your vagina.

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