Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month–Do you know your risk?

September is ovarian cancer awareness month! Symptoms of ovarian cancer can be vague and unlike cervical or breast cancer, there are no good screening tests for ovarian cancer.

Fortunately, knowing your cancer family history may help a physician to prevent
cancer or detect it at an earlier stage. Women with certain genetic mutations

 up to 63% lifetime risk of developing ovarian cancer
 up to 87% lifetime risk of developing breast cancer

By taking this quick quiz, you can find out whether you may be at risk for a
hereditary cancer syndrome. It’s only a few minutes – knowing your hereditary
cancer risk could save your life!

Take the quiz – Do I have a genetic risk for ovarian cancer?

If your results indicate that you may have an increased risk for certain cancers,
please contact our office at 703-642-7522 to schedule an appointment. During the
appointment we will discuss your family history in more depth and discuss
whether hereditary cancer testing is the right next step for you and your health.