Symptoms That Indicate You Should See a Swollen Vulva Specialist in Tysons, VA

Symptoms That Indicate You Should See a Swollen Vulva Specialist in Tysons, VA

The most common misconception many women have is that if there’s feminine swelling and itching, it must be a yeast infection.

While that can be a cause, there are other reasons it’s important you see a swollen vulva specialist in Tysons, VA for gynecological care

What Is the Vulva Exactly?

The vulva, or pudendum, is the external area of female genitalia. It’s responsible for protecting your sexual organs and urethra. Its also responsible for hormone production and is involved in sexual activity. 

Aside from Swelling, What Are the Symptoms I Should Know About and See a Specialist For?

Any condition that causes a swollen vulva is likely to be uncomfortable. Look out for itching, unusual discharge, painful sex, and / or pain during urination. Light bleeding or spotting are also reasons you shouldn’t delay seeing a swollen vulva specialist in Tysons, VA. 

What Causes a Swollen Vulva?

There are a number of causes. One frequent case is an allergic reaction. Things like detergents, soaps, perfumes, and latex condoms can cause irritation. Other causes include sex, bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, and pregnancy. 

How Is the Cause Diagnosed?

Plan on a visit to your swollen vulva specialist for an exam. You may also need tests that can include a vulvar biopsy, urinalysis, and / or STD testing to rule out serious conditions. Your specialist will then recommend the right treatment based on your exam and test results.

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Delaying treatment is never a good idea and can worsen your symptoms. It’s time to feel better!