Vaginal Tightening Surgeon in Tysons Corner

Vaginal Tightening Surgeon in Tysons Corner

3 Reasons a Vaginal Tightening Surgeon in Tysons Corner Would Recommend a Vaginoplasty

It’s not just about an extra spark in the bedroom. It’s not just about embarrassing incontinence, re-structuring a birth defect, or repairing damage. It’s about you taking command of your body.

Here’s why a vaginal tightening surgeon in Tysons Corner might recommend a vaginoplasty, or vaginal rejuvenation.

Here Are Three Reasons Your Vaginal Tightening Surgeon in Tysons Corner Recommends a Rejuvenation Procedure Such as Vaginoplasty

  1. Pregnancy and delivery, as well as other trauma in the area, can do some serious damage to your vagina and pelvic floor, stretching tissue and separating muscle. This can put you at increased risk of UTIs and other infections, vaginal dryness, and other consequences ranging from inconvenient to dangerous. When your vaginal tightening surgeon in Tysons Corner recommends a vaginoplasty, they’re thinking long-term about health battles you shouldn’t have to fight.
  2. Vaginoplasties are frequently used to treat the natural, though sometimes excessive, stretching and loosening that happens as women age. Your surgeon can help you decide how far back to wind the clock in this area.
  3. And finally, vaginoplasty is most famous for its ability to restore some or all of lost sexual function after birthing or other trauma. You deserve the benefits of a working vagina!

The Choice For Improved Feminine Health Is Yours

The bottom line is that surgery like this can be a big decision. Our staff is ready to walk you through every step whenever and if ever you’re ready to take it. Your body, your history, your timing. We will never pressure you into making a decision about your body that’s not right for you.

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