What Does a Perineoplasty Cost in Tysons Corner, VA?

Perineoplasty Cost

If you’ve experienced childbirth, then you know your body doesn’t always bounce right back to its original condition!

This can be troubling for many women, and as a solution they choose to have perineoplasty. It has permanent results and many benefits, but what does a perineoplasty cost in Tysons Corner, VA?

What Exactly Is a Perineoplasty?

This is a surgical procedure done to repair the perineum, the area between your vaginal opening and anus. Full recovery takes around six weeks, though results are noticeable immediately. Perineoplasty is a surgery that can be safely combined with other vaginal rejuvenation procedures, such as labiaplasty and vaginoplasty.

What Benefits Should I Expect from Perineoplasty?

This is an ideal option for anyone who experiences pain during intercourse, incontinence, and vaginal itching. It enhances sexual pleasure while at the same time providing a pleasant aesthetic by returning your vaginal opening to its pre-baby measurement.

Is It Expensive? What Does a Perineoplasty Cost in Tysons Corner, VA?

Before we answer, “What does a perineoplasty cost in Tysons Corner, VA,” let’s look at what you should consider. Variables such as the skill and location of your surgeon, as well as the length and extent of your surgery, impact your final cost. The price of perineoplasty ranges from $500 to $7,100. You’ll find out your cost during your consultation.

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