What Is Prenatal Care? Do I Need To Come In During the Pandemic?

Even in the midst of the pandemic it is still very important to come in for your prenatal visits. 

We recommend that you start your prenatal care early! Give us a call a soon as you find you are pregnant so we can schedule your visit.

We typically recommend coming in for an ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy between 6-8weeks of gestation. 

What is prenatal care? Prenatal care describes the medical care a person gets during their pregnancy. As part of your prenatal care, the doctor or midwife will:

Figure out when your baby is due

Talk to you about nutrition, physical activity, work, and common pregnancy complaints, such as morning sickness, heartburn, and backache

Talk to you about things to avoid, such as alcohol, smoking, and some drugs and chemicals

Monitor your health to watch for problems or things that make your pregnancy high risk

Monitor your baby’s health to check that they are growing well

Talk with you about pregnancy, labor, and delivery, and make a plan for your labor and delivery

Talk with you about taking care of yourself and your baby after the birth

Do tests to check you and your baby for different health conditionsWhat Is Prenatal Care? Do I Need To Come In During the Pandemic?