What to Expect From Your OB/GYN in Alexandria, Virginia Visit

What to Expect From Your OB/GYN in Alexandria, Virginia Visit

Visiting your OB/GYN in Alexandria, Virginia can seem a rather daunting task.

But, if you know what to expect during gynecological services, it can be a much smoother journey.

It’s crucial that you don’t ignore any issues you may be experiencing and contact your OB/GYN, and visit them if the situation requires it.

Reasons to Visit an OB/GYN

Outside of an annual appointment, it’s worthwhile to visit an OB/GYN for any issues or concerns you have. Give your OB/GYN a call if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • Changes in vaginal health, including discharge, skin concerns, or more
  • Changes in your period or strange gaps between menstruation
  • Positive pregnancy test
  • Sexual dysfunction or concerns, such as decreased libido or potential STIs
  • Wanting to start or change your birth control

What to Expect During Your Visit to an OB/GYN Specialist for Women’s Health

No matter your reason for visiting, you should know what to expect. Annual routines or exams in general will be different for everyone, but you can expect a specific list of questions and care.

It’ll always begin with a routine health check, such as examining your blood pressure, weight, height, and potential blood or urine testing.

After that, your OB/GYN will perform a physical examination, including a breast and pelvic exam.

You can also expect questions involving your period, vaginal discharge, if you’re sexually active and to what extent, sexual history, if you’re menopausal, and more.

All of this will vary depending on your reason for visiting. For anyone above the age of 18, this is a general guideline for a comprehensive evaluation.

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