When Can I Get a Vaginoplasty After Giving Birth?

When Can I Get a Vaginoplasty After Giving Birth?

Vaginoplasty is a surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure designed to address several concerns, allowing women to feel comfortable and secure in their body both physically and mentally.

You may be wondering, “When can I get a vaginoplasty after giving birth?” Here’s what you should know about appropriate timing for this surgery.

What Is a Vaginoplasty? What Is It For?

Surgical vaginal rejuvenation is a procedure done to repair and tighten the vagina after childbirth. Be it insecurity or discomfort (or both), many women elect to have this procedure due to the laxity that occurs after vaginal delivery or due to aging.

Vaginal delivery can take a toll on you physically, and a vaginoplasty can address these concerns as well:

  • Decreased sexual satisfaction
  • Long or asymmetrical labia
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Perineal damages when combined with a perineoplasty
  • Self-consciousness

When Can I Get a Vaginoplasty After Giving Birth? What If I’m Not Done Having Kids?

If you’re interested in a vaginoplasty after childbirth, you’re probably wondering, “When can I get a vaginoplasty after giving birth? Should I wait til I’m done having babies?”

For your health and safety, it’s recommended that you wait three to six months after childbirth before you undergo a vaginoplasty. This allows complete healing of wounds, stitches, and other postpartum aftermaths.

Though many will advise you to wait until you’re finished having children, a vaginoplasty won’t affect trying to conceive or future deliveries negatively. However, childbirth after vaginoplasty can undo the results and often require a revision surgery.

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