Why is Planning Your Pregnancy Important?

Pregnancy is an important event in life as it means that you are creating life. If you have plans to conceive, planning your pregnancy is important to ensure that both you and the baby’s health will be the best it can be. It is vital that you start adopting a healthy lifestyle before you become pregnant.

By planning, you can:

  • Ensure your body is ready to carry a baby
  • Allow your doctor to anticipate any complications you may have (e.g.: gestational diabetes)
  • Plan ahead for medications if you have an existing condition (e.g.: high blood pressure, diabetes)
  • Lower the risk of defects in the baby

Once your health is in order, you can discontinue your contraception. Depending on the type of birth control you use, it may take some time before you are fertile. Register as a member at Annandale OBGYN to gain 24/7 access to your healthcare team and get advice whenever you need it!

Author: Dr. Anna Le