#1 OB/GYN in Great Falls

#1 OB/GYN in Great Falls

What You Should Expect From Your Visit with the #1 OB/GYN in Great Falls

It’s not uncommon to feel a bit stressed when faced with a visit to the #1 OB/GYN in Great Falls.

What helps to calm your nerves is knowing what to expect. So, take a deep breath, relax, and keep reading!

What Is an OB/GYN?

Let’s break it down. An obstetrician is a doctor who specializes in pregnancy care. A gynecologist is a doctor who provides gynelogical care of the reproductive system .

An OB/GYN does it all! When you find the #1 OB/GYN in Great Falls, you’ve not only found a doctor, but you’ve found a partner.

How Will My OB/GYN Help Me Take Care of My Reproductive Health?

Routine tests, birth control, breast exams, pelvic exams, cancer screenings, medications, mental health are valuable ways your OB/GYN helps.

Additionally, your OB/GYN can perform surgeries and other medical procedures when needed.

What Should You Expect During Your Visit?

Your visit will likely begin with a discussion. Your OB/GYN will ask how you’re feeling and whether you’re experiencing any problems. You will have a general discussion about your overall health. You may discuss vaccines and medications as well.

You’ll be weighed and your blood pressure will be taken. Some OB/GYNs routinely ask for blood and urine samples too. If you’re over 21, expect to have a breast exam, pelvic exam, and Pap smear during your visit.

If You’re Pregnant, Your Visit Will Be a Bit Different

If you’re having a baby, your visit will change a little. Your OB/GYN will check the size of your uterus, measure the growth of your belly, and listen to the baby’s heartbeat depending on how far along you are.

You may have an ultrasound or other tests to be sure you and your baby are healthy. These tests could include screenings for anemia, gestational diabetes, or hepatitis B.

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