What Is Vulvodynia in McLean?

Vulvodynia is a condition characterized by persistent discomfort and / or pain around the vulva, or the opening of the vagina. It can occur after sex, when sitting for long periods of time, or at any other time.

There are suspected causes of the associated symptoms including but not limited to inflammation, nerve injuries, and hormonal changes. However, the condition is diagnosed when pain in this external area of an unknown cause.

If you’re experiencing unusual symptoms, don’t ignore them. While vulvodynia can go away on its own, it can last years. Instead of suffering, see your gynecologist for treatment to help manage your symptoms and find relief.

What Are the Symptoms of Vulvodynia?

In addition to pain, you may experience itching, burning, rawness, and stinging. These symptoms can become severe enough to impact your daily life if left untreated.

How Is Vulvodynia Diagnosed?

To determine a diagnosis, your gynecologist will review your medical history, discuss your symptoms, give you a pelvic exam, and may swab the area or perform a biopsy to rule out cancers. It’s essential your gynecologist rule out medical conditions that may be causing your symptoms.

How Is Vulvodynia Treated?

Treating vulvodynia isn’t straightforward. It can take time to get your symptoms under control. The most common vulvodynia treatments are topical medications, oral medications, nerve blocks, and physical therapy.

When necessary, your doctor may suggest vestibulectomy. This is a safe surgery done to remove tissue in the area where you feel pain. The procedure is especially helpful for women with localized vulvodynia, especially when other treatments haven’t worked. Your gynecologist may also recommend counseling if needed.

Where Should I Go for Vulvodynia Diagnosis and Treatment in McLean?

At Annandale Ob-Gyn, our expert care team understands how difficult it can be to suffer from vulvodynia, and we are here to help! If you are experiencing troubling symptoms you can’t get under control, we encourage you to contact us for gynecological care at 703-642-7522 today.