Best IVF Specialist in VA

Best IVF Specialist in VA

The Best IVF Specialist in VA Weighs In: Is In Vitro Over 40 Possible?

It’s well known that female fertility begins to decline around the age of 30, however many women prefer to wait and start a family later in life.

So, is pregnancy via IVF possible for women over 40? Here’s what the best IVF specialist in VA has to say!

Is IVF Possible for Women Over the Age of 40?

Many women choose to start a family, or even add to their family, later in life. It’s estimated that a woman in her early 40s has a five percent chance of conceiving naturally, so is IVF the answer? It’s a complicated yes.

While women over the age of 43 are not advised to use their own eggs for IVF, due to mature eggs carrying a higher chance to be chromosomally abnormal, in vitro fertilization is entirely possible with donor eggs. Donor eggs lessen the overall chance of a high-risk pregnancy.

That being said, women of any age with access to viable eggs or embryos as well as a receptive uterus are capable of successfully conceiving through IVF.

What Are the Risks?

If you’re 40+ and considering IVF, it’s crucial that you understand the risks but to not let them scare you away. Talk to your doctor about your success rate for IVF over 40 and your predisposition to these risks:

Ultimately, IVF for women over 40 is possible with the right care team and a complex understanding of your circumstances.

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