Best Same-Day Menopause Consultation in VA

same-day menopause consultation

For many women, menopause symptoms can be tough to manage alone. That’s why the best same-day menopause consultation in VA can help. The purpose is to help you get relief and improve your quality of life by finding the right treatment plan. Before you schedule your visit, take time to read this. 

Is It Really Necessary to See a Menopause Doctor? Why Can’t I Go to My Primary Doctor?

While your primary doctor might be helpful, they likely don’t have the education to properly treat menopause. Believe it or not, this isn’t something that’s normally taught in depth in medical school. 

A menopause specialist is someone who has gone beyond traditional teaching and broadened their education. They have the ability to comprehend your experiences and provide medical and/or holistic options, including bio-identical hormones, as well as support and encouragement. This type of doctor will empower you to take charge of this transitional phase, ensuring the symptoms don’t control your life.

Should I Prepare for a Menopause Consultation? What Can I Expect?

The best way to prepare for the best same-day menopause consultation in VA is by gathering information. Your medical history will be addressed. This includes health conditions, current medications, your symptoms, and previous treatments you’ve tried. 

During your initial meeting, expect a comprehensive assessment of hormones, nutrition, and overall health, along with screening tests to pinpoint the cause of your specific symptoms. Your doctor will conduct a physical exam. This will likely include a breast and pelvic exam.

Hormone levels such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and cortisol will be tested, revealing vital insights into hormone metabolism. 

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