DIY Firming Breasts after breast feeding baby

Breast feeding is a joy however, the number one down side to breast feeding is that it loosens breast tissue and makes them sag. Having a solid plan to minimize breast tissue relaxation will help get you back feeling like yourself faster and boost confidence. Here are a few tried and true at home remedies for firming breasts postpartum.

Massage– regular breast massage at least 3 times weekly with olive, almond oil, egg yolks or cucumber or Aloe Vera. All of these are readily available in the kitchen pantry or on Amazon. These natural products increase the tone and elasticity of tissue. Massage increases blood circulation which, stimulates muscle growth and cell repair.

Exercise– Breast exercises that build the pectoralis muscle are the best way to lift breast tissue. Try doing push-ups, planks, weight training such as arm curls, chest presses and dumbbell flys.

Yoga– Yoga poses that focus on the upper body, specifically the chest and chest muscles and upper arms. Try these simple but highly effective poses -Forward bend, Cobra, Triangle, Bow, Bridge and warrior yoga poses.

Running and jogging, are great ways to lose weight but can counteract efforts to firm breast if proper sports bras that prevent jostling movements are not worn each time.

Author: Dr. Anna Le