Endometriosis Specialist in Tysons Corner, Virginia

Endometriosis Specialist in Tysons Corner, Virginia

5 Signs It’s Time to See an Endometriosis Specialist in Tysons Corner, Virginia

Endometriosis is a frustrating and painful affliction that happens when tissue similar to what lines your uterus grows in areas of the body outside of the uterus.

This issue may affect at least 10% of women in the United States, but sometimes, diagnosis can be tricky. Here is what you need to know about symptoms of endometriosis that indicate you should see an endometriosis specialist in Tysons Corner, Virginia.

  • Abdominal Pain

There are a couple of types of abdominal pain that you may experience if you have endometriosis. These include, pain your lower back, extremely painful menstrual cramps, pain while urinating or passing a bowel movement, and pain during intercourse.

  • Spotting

Spotting can be alarming and it can also be an indicator of endometriosis. In many cases, this can be a sign of other things, including pregnancy. The discharge may appear pink or brown.

  • Menstrual Issues

Perhaps one of the clearest signals that you may have endometriosis is if you notice that you are having longer and / or heavier periods or other undesirable occurrences during menstruation.

This is especially noteworthy if you experience changes in the severity of your period over time.

  • Issues With Digestion

Endometriosis can cause a number of issues related to digestion including constipation, diarrhea, nausea, and bloating. You may also experience especially severe digestive issues during your period.

  • Infertility

Up to half of infertile women have endometriosis. This is because endometriosis can affect many components of the reproductive system including the fallopian tubes, pelvis anatomy, egg quality, and egg implantation. Treatment of endometriosis can often restore fertility.

Bonus Tip: Find the Best Endometriosis Specialist in Tysons Corner, Virginia When You Feel Like You Should

If you think you may have endometriosis, an experienced specialist can help make sense of your symptoms, as well as diagnose and treat you. You know your body and when you should seek care, so if you feel like it’s time to see a specialist, you should.

Since many of these symptoms can relate to other issues, it is important to consult an expert to find out if your symptoms add up to endometriosis.

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