How Can I Stop Menstrual Migraines in Tysons Corner, Virginia?

How Can I Stop Menstrual Migraines in Tysons Corner

There’s no doubt about it. Migraines are awful. They can seriously impact your quality of life, especially while on your period. You already deal with menstrual symptoms such as cramps or irregular periods and certainly don’t need a migraine too!

So, what are your options? If you’re at your wit’s end and are asking, “How can I stop menstrual migraines in Tysons Corner, Virginia,” you can relax because you’ve found your answer here.

What Should I Do When I’m Hit With a Menstrual Migraine?

Unfortunately, it’s a bit difficult to predict when you’ll have a menstrual migraine. They often show up suddenly without a lot of warning. However, if you feel one coming on, then triptans might be right for you.

Triptans are considered acute medications that can be taken as soon as you feel a migraine starting. There are several prescription triptans available, so consult with your gynecologist for guidance.

Oral contraceptives might also work for you. There are certain brands of birth control pills that are known to stop menstrual migraines.

Are There Ways to Prevent Menstrual Migraines?

When answering, “How can I stop Menstrual Migraines in Tysons Corner, Virginia,” you need to keep in mind that preventative measures are probably your best bet.

This begins with keeping a journal. While it might sound a bit silly to keep a journal of your periods, it’s actually a fantastic tool for keeping track of your symptoms too. For example, if you see a pattern of when you typically get migraines, you’ll know better how to plan.

Before you start taking a daily supplement like magnesium, which is known to help prevent migraines, make sure to speak to your gynecologist first. NSAIDs are another preventative option that, when taken the right way, can stop a migraine.

Make Self-Care a Priority

You can practice self-care by eating a well-balanced diet, exercising daily, and staying hydrated, which can all help keep migraines at bay. You should also develop a regular bedtime routine, and get plenty of sleep.

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