How to Choose an OB-GYN in Northern Virginia 

It’s tough to find the right OB/GYN. You don’t really know what you’re looking for, other than the fact that you want it to be the most pleasant and least awkward experience possible.

Don’t worry! Check out these tips on how to choose an OB/GYN in Northern Virginia for obstetrical or gynecological care.

Get Direction from the Internet 

You can find an abundance of info online. Follow social media pages of OB/GYNs near you, and check out social media groups. You can also take a look at reputable websites like, in order to see information like reviews of the provider, friendliness of the staff, and wait times. 

Ask Your Friends

Every woman needs to visit their OB/GYN, and they have all faced a hard time too. Ask as many women as you can how to choose an OB/GYN in Northern Virginia. Don’t forget to ask for contact information of their favorite provider!

The Key Is Great Communication 

Great communication with your OB/GYN is the only way you can feel comfortable in their care. It’s important that you can talk to your doctor whenever you have an issue and that they know how to talk to you in order to make you feel comfortable. 

Gender Might Matter When Deciding How to Choose an OB/GYN in Northern Virginia

Keep in mind that your OB/GYN needs to know (and see!) some of the most personal information about and intimate areas you. You may feel much more comfortable having a female OB/GYN, instead of a male. If that’s the case, choose accordingly.

Turn to the Women’s Health Providers at Annandale for the Best

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