How to Find the Best OB in Vienna, VA

how to find the best ob

If you are currently pregnant or planning to conceive, finding the best prenatal care for both yourself and your baby is of utmost importance. Here are some pro tips on how to find the best OB in Vienna, VA.

What Is an OB Exactly?

For first-time parents, understanding the role of an obstetrician (OB) is crucial. An OB is a specialized doctor who focuses on pregnancy care and childbirth. Additionally, your OB will also be the healthcare professional you visit for follow-up appointments after giving birth.

Why Can’t I Just See My Gynecologist?

While all obstetricians are gynecologists, not all gynecologists are obstetricians. In the world of women’s health, there is a difference. 

Obstetricians primarily deal with pregnancy-related matters, providing care throughout all stages, from preconception to postpartum including delivery. 

On the other hand, gynecologists address a broader range of reproductive organ-related health issues, including menstruation, sexually transmitted diseases, hormonal disorders, incontinence, injuries, and chronic conditions like endometriosis.

Follow These Tips on How to Find the Best OB in Vienna, VA

Start by contacting your insurance provider to obtain a list of in-network providers. Consider location convenience and rule out those who are not nearby, unless you don’t mind traveling. 

Create a comprehensive list of potential doctors to keep your options open. Verify their credentials, including education and board certification.

You might also want to ask family and friends who have children. Word-of-mouth can be a great way to find good healthcare.

What Else Should I Know About Finding a Great Obstetrician?

Assess what matters most to you. Are you interested in natural delivery or holistic treatments? Have a birthing plan in mind? Determine if genetic testing, pain medications, or fetal monitoring are top priorities for you. Your preferences need to align with your chosen OB’s philosophy regarding pregnancy and childbirth.

You should choose an OB that specializes in high-risk pregnancies if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, or other medical conditions needing specialized attention, or if you have a history of miscarriages, preeclampsia, or preterm labor.

Consider factors like communication style, comfort in discussing personal health matters (including physical, mental, and emotional aspects) with the provider, and whether you prefer a male or female OB. Your questions should be thoroughly addressed and clearly answered. It’s vital you choose a provider who respects your wishes whenever medically possible during your pregnancy journey.

In addition to considering the location, be sure to ask about their after-hours protocol. Will your doctor be accessible when needed and how can you contact them in case of an emergency? Verify their hospital affiliation for delivery and other medical needs. Also, take into account parking facilities for your convenience.

Here’s What to Expect During Your Initial Visit to Your Obstetrician

Your first appointment holds significant importance as it can aid in making your final decision and serves various other purposes.

Upon arrival, you’ll need to complete the paperwork. If possible, download and fill out new patient forms from the healthcare professional’s website beforehand to reduce stress in the waiting room. Bring your insurance information and your co-pay.

During the appointment, vitals and weight will be checked. Your medical history will be discussed. This includes health conditions, current medications and/or supplements you’re taking and information regarding previous pregnancies. 

Expect a thorough examination during this initial visit. Blood and urine tests will likely be conducted, and an ultrasound might be performed. If you have a chronic illness, managing it during pregnancy will be an important topic of conversation.

Have your questions and concerns ready to ensure you get all the necessary answers. Take advantage of this opportunity to inquire about dietary guidelines, exercise recommendations, and other ways to promote a healthy baby and a healthy you!

Will Every Visit Be Like the First?

No, it won’t, though you can expect your vitals and weight to be checked and a urine test at every visit. 

Your specialist will likely check your baby’s heartbeat at each visit once your pregnancy has reached 10 weeks. Additionally, they will measure your abdomen and review any previous test results.

How Often Should I See My OB?

Your prenatal appointment schedule depends on your specific health needs and the stage of your pregnancy. Typically, in the first and second trimesters, visits are scheduled monthly. In the third trimester, they may become more frequent, occurring every two weeks until the final month, when they are often scheduled weekly until delivery.

There are exceptions to the rule though. If you are older than 35, are considered high risk, are pregnant with multiple babies, or have a history of complications, you may need more frequent visits. Of course, your provider will let you know how often you need to make an appointment. 

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