I Have a Longer Lasting Period, What Does That Mean?


Menstruation is a regular part of life for a large portion of the population. But, when this normal occurrence seems to behave abnormally and you have irregular periods, it can be alarming.

Whether your symptoms change or the severity of the period itself changes, you are likely to have plenty of questions about what is happening. For example, iIf you have a longer lasting period, what does that mean?

I Have a Longer Lasting Period: What Does That Mean?

Everyone’s period is a little different, but you know your body and you can tell if your period is lasting longer than normal. This is not always a cause for concern, but it is always worth taking note of. Most periods happen about every 21 to 35 days and last anywhere between two to seven days. 

If it seems like your period is lasting eight days or more, this is when you should take note and talk to your women’s health specialist to see if endometriosis or other condition may be the cause. 

In some cases, your body may just be adjusting to something such as a change in birth control or menopause. You may not necessarily be able to treat these causes, and your body should naturally rebalance. However, it is still a good idea to stay in communication with your doctor about any symptoms you experience. 

When Should I Be Concerned About My Long Period?

In some cases, a longer period can be the result of an underlying condition like uterine fibroids, polyps, or cancerous lesions. These potential causes present a very good reason for you to get a check-up with your specialist. 

Depending on the cause of the long periods, your specialist may suggest a procedure to remove any issues or a hormonal remedy like hormonal birth control, which can regulate your cycle. 

What Type of Professional Should I Consult for Long Periods?

If you want more advice to find out why your period is lasting a long time, you should consult a gynecological care expert. At Annandale Ob-Gyn we can answer the question, “I have a longer lasting period, what does that mean?” 

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