Same-Day GYN Appointment in Falls Church

Same-Day GYN Appointment

All women tend to feel a bit nervous about their first visit for gynecological care. It is a completely normal reaction! However, you can rest assured that a same-day GYN appointment in Falls Church is probably not as bad as you might think. Here are facts you should know to set your mind at ease. 

Here Are a Few Helpful Tips to Prepare for Your Appointment

There are some things to avoid right before a same-day GYN appointment in Falls Church, including waxing, laser hair removal, douching, and sex. Also, unless this is an emergency visit, try to schedule when you are not on your period. All of the above can interfere with your pelvic exam, and some may affect Pap smear test results.

What Happens During a Same-Day GYN Appointment in Falls Church?

It should begin with a check of your vitals including weight, blood pressure, and pulse. You may also be asked for a urine sample. Routinely, the appointment includes a pelvic exam, Pap smear to screen for cervical cancer, and breast exam. Your gynecologist may also address issues like infections, contraception, menstrual health, and sexual activity. 

The very nature of this visit is quite personal, and as such, you can expect to be asked questions of an intimate nature. While difficult to talk about, your honesty is important to your care and reproductive health. 

The most important thing you can do is try to relax. Don’t be embarrassed to ask questions of your own (even the hard ones!) and share all of your concerns. 

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