Same-Day Gynecology in Falls Church

same-day gynecology

Unfortunately, medical emergencies happen and they can be scary.  Same-day gynecology in Falls Church is absolutely possible, but when should you go? This will help you prepare for urgent gynecological care, just in case. 

Same-Day Gynecology Appointments Are Convenient

If you’re like most women, you’re busy and do not have time to wait weeks for an appointment. You need care and you need it now. Gynecologists understand this. 

A same-day appointment can also save you a trip to urgent care or the emergency room. You know how costly those visits can be! Wait times can be long as well.

There are situations that are urgent yet don’t necessarily require a drive to your gynecologist’s office. If you need medical advice, to review test results, or have questions about medications a virtual visit might be all you need. 

Most patients don’t realize that doctors actually set aside time in their schedules for same-day or urgent visits. Many providers offer the option of booking an appointment online. However, if you need a same-day visit, pick up the phone. You’ll have better luck and might be seen faster.

Remember to be flexible. While your gynecologist might not be available, another doctor, nurse, or physician’s assistant might be open. Rest assured they are just as capable of helping you. 

If You Have These Symptoms, Don’t Wait for Treatment

There are some vaginal issues in which you simply cannot and should not wait for medical care:

  • Acute sudden onset of severe pelvic pain
  • Pregnancy concerns 
  • Unusual heavy vaginal bleeding
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Vaginitis

Remember, early treatment can often prevent more complicated and severe health issues. 

Are You Breastfeeding and Have Concerns?

Even breastfeeding moms have issues that can’t wait for treatment, such as mastitis, which is an infection that can be quite painful. It’s comforting for moms to know that same-day gynecology in Falls Church is available.

Call Annandale Ob-gyn If You Need Same-Day Gynecology in Falls Church!

We gladly provide immediate care to walk-ins and those who call for a same-day appointment to support you with gynecological care, pregnancy assistance, and postpartum needs. Our extended lab hours until 8 pm offer added convenience. Contact us now at 703-642-7522 to book your appointment!