Vaginal Surgery Specialists in Tysons Corner, Virginia

What Treatments Do Vaginal Surgery Specialists in Tysons Corner, Virginia Offer?

Vaginal rejuvenation surgery can cover a wide range of cosmetic concerns as well as some health-related.

The bottom line is that no matter the issues, the goals of surgery are the same – to reduce pain, as well as change the appearance, function, size, and maybe enhance the sensitivity of the vagina.

So, what procedures do vaginal surgery specialists in Tysons Corner, Virginia perform?

Are There Different Types of Vaginal Surgery?

Yes, there are. Reconstructive surgery improves function while cosmetic improves appearance. Surgical procedures related to function include labia majoraplasty, labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, monsplasty, and clitoral hood reduction.

Non-surgical options for cosmetic purposes include radio-frequency vaginal rejuvenation and laser vaginal rejuvenation.

Will These Procedures Hurt?

As with any surgical procedure, you can expect some discomfort.

Afterward, you might experience swelling, bruising, and pain but know the best vaginal surgery specialists in Tysons Corner, Virginia is going to make sure you have complete aftercare instructions and will be there for you during recovery.

How Much Time Does Recovery Take?

Recovery time will vary but may take up to six weeks.

While you can return to your normal daily activities after about a week, you’ll likely be advised to forego strenuous exercise, sexual activity, and any heavy-duty activity for the entire recovery period

I’d Like to Find Out if I’m a Good Candidate. What Should I Do?

Your best course of action is to meet with a vaginal surgery specialist in Tysons Corner, Virginia.

During a consultation, you’ll discuss your medical history, the issues you’re having, and undergo a physical examination. After your exam, your provider can recommend the best option for you.

Your Journey Begins with a Vaginal Surgery Specialist in Tysons Corner, Virginia at Annandale OB-GYN

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