Genetic Testing


Understand how genetics impact your health. We offer genetic testing so you can manage high risk health issues based on your gene composition.

With genetic testing, you can learn your susceptibility to certain diseases and start to mitigate such risks today. Although these tests are not dispositive, it can be a good indicator of risk.

Genetic testing for gynecologic and breast cancer

Clinically actionable gynecologic and breast cancer testing for you and your family members

Carrier screening

ACOG recommends that patients of reproductive age should be offered carrier screening. Carrier screening before pregnancy can provide your patients with more reproductive options, including IVF.

Non-invasive prenatal screening (NIPS)

Assess whether a pregnancy is at increased risk for the most common chromosomal disorders.

Miscarriage analysis

If your patient has had previous miscarriages, chromosomal microarray analysis (CMA) for pregnancy loss can provide answers for whether the loss was due to a chromosomal abnormality.