Laser Hair Removal

Shaving and waxing only deliver temporary results. Laser hair removal offers a dramatic skin transformation that’s completely permanent. At Annandale Ob-Gyn, you can enjoy the benefits of smooth, silky skin under the care of expert physicians using safe treatment methods. With convenient locations in Annandale and Alexandria, Virginia, Annandale Ob-Gyn & Primary Care provides laser hair removal services that reduce hair growth by up to 90%.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure that permanently removes body hair. The technique uses a concentrated laser light that destroys hair follicles at the root and prevents any new hair from regrowing in the treated area.

The procedure works almost anywhere there’s hair on your body, but men and women commonly request laser hair removal on the legs, bikini line, arms, chest, face, or back.

In most cases, you need about six to eight laser hair removal treatments in each area. With each session, your hair growth diminishes further. Depending on your skin type and hair color, you might require fewer or more sessions to see the results you want.

Am I a candidate for laser hair removal procedure?

To qualify for a laser hair removal procedure, you must stop other methods of hair removal ― including waxing, plucking, or shaving ― for about six weeks before your first appointment. You might also need to minimize sun exposure for several days or weeks before laser hair removal.

Your physician at Annandale Ob-Gyn may want to test the laser on a patch of your skin before completing a full treatment. This “pre-emptive strike” ensures you don’t react negatively to the laser.

What goes on during a laser hair removal procedure?

During the laser hair removal procedure, your physician uses a small, handheld laser to target the areas where you want to stop hair growth. The laser delivers a focused beam of light that destroys the hair follicles. It’s possible to treat several hairy areas on your body during one appointment.

While most men and women don’t report pain during laser hair removal, you might experience a slight tingling or pinching sensation. You may also notice redness or tenderness after your appointment.

What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal offers you many benefits:

  • Permanent hair removal: In almost all cases, your hair doesn’t grow back.
  • Safe and fast: No skin damage and the procedure is quick and easy.
  • Cost effective: Over time, the cost of other hair removal methods is more expensive.