Does Insurance Cover Hormone Pellet Treatment?

hormone pellet treatments

Dealing with insurance companies can be an unpleasant experience. They are sometimes reluctant to reveal details you need to know about pricing as well as what they will and will not cover. What’s also unpleasant is trying to manage menopause symptoms on your own, and this is certainly a treatment worth fighting for! If you’re curious about how this treatment works, if you’re a good candidate, or need an answer to, “Does insurance cover my hormone pellet treatment,” this is for you. 

What Exactly Is Hormone Pellet Treatment?

Many women prefer bioidentical hormone pellets because they are generally considered safer than man-made hormones. Hormone pellet treatment is a method of hormone replacement therapy that replaces hormones that naturally occur in your body.

As you age, your production of hormones decreases. Hormone pellets replace what is lost so you can achieve hormonal balance. 

Why Should I Choose Hormone Pellet Treatment?

Hormone therapy comes in many forms including pills, creams, and pellets. Many women choose pellets because of their convenience. They are the size of a grain of rice and are placed just underneath the skin. Unlike other forms of hormone therapy that have to be administered frequently, hormone pellets deliver a continuous, steady, and gentle dose that will help you feel better every day. 

What Are the Benefits of Hormone Pellet Therapy?

Menopause and hormonal imbalances can cause multiple symptoms. It is possible to experience just one or two, or even all of the following: 

  • Disruptive sleep
  • Frequent urination
  • Hot flashes
  • Incontinence
  • Lack of energy
  • Memory loss
  • Mental confusion and loss of concentration
  • Mood swings
  • Muscle weakness
  • Night sweats
  • Painful intercourse
  • Sexual dysfunction / decreased libido
  • Weight gain

Hormone pellets can help with all of that – and more! 

What Exactly Are Bioidentical Hormones, and Are Pellets an Option?

Bioidentical hormones are plant-based hormones that closely mimic that which occurs naturally in your body. There are drug companies that manufacture bioidentical hormones, and there are also pharmacists that compound these hormones based on a doctor’s prescription. 

How Can I Get the Most from Hormone Pellet Treatment?

Naturally, if you choose pellet therapy, your goal is to optimize your well-being. You should work with a qualified hormone doctor who can provide a comprehensive evaluation of your health and symptoms. This is the only way to receive a treatment plan that will work for you. 

It might also be necessary for you to make lifestyle changes. Diet and exercise are essential for overall wellness. If you smoke or consume alcohol, make the decision to quit for your health. 

Regular checkups with your doctor are also important, especially when you have hormone pellet therapy. These visits are needed to monitor your progress and for regular screenings such as pelvic exams and mammograms. 

How Much Does Hormone Pellet Treatment Cost?

Before we answer your question, “Does insurance cover my hormone pellet treatment,” let’s take a look at the cost. You will only need pellet procedures every three to five months. The average hormone pellet therapy cost is $1,536 per year. 

So, Does Insurance Cover My Hormone Pellet Treatment?

The only way to find this out is to contact your insurance carrier directly. If you choose bioidentical hormone pellet treatment, be sure you choose a brand that is created by a drug company and approved by the FDA. Otherwise, your hormone pellet therapy may not be covered by insurance. 

If I Have Hormone Pellet Treatment, How Long Will It Take for Me to Feel Better?

Your doctor will likely start with the lowest dose of hormones, and then monitor your progress. It can take two to three weeks before you notice an improvement in how you feel and up to eight weeks to feel the full benefits of hormone pellet treatment.  

How Do I Find Out if I’m a Good Candidate for Hormone Therapy?

Your hormonal balance success begins with a visit to your hormone doctor. They will evaluate your health to ensure this treatment is right for you. 

Is it right for you? Generally, the ideal candidate for hormone pellet therapy is one who meets any of the following criteria:

  • Difficulty managing menopause symptoms
  • Family history of certain cancers and/or osteoporosis
  • Menopause before the age of 45
  • Early menopause due to chemotherapy or removal of reproductive organs
  • Other treatments have failed

Hormone pellets can decrease the risk of certain medical conditions but also increase the risk of others. Choosing treatment is a personal choice that you should discuss openly and honestly with your hormone doctor. 

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