How Long Does a Vaginoplasty Last?

How Long Does a Vaginoplasty Last?

Vaginal rejuvenation has become increasingly popular, addressing the many issues women face in the most intimate area of their body.

How long does a vaginoplasty last? What affects the results? Read on to learn more!

How Long Does a Vaginoplasty Last? What Affects My Results?

A vaginoplasty allows women to reclaim their body after childbirth, aging, or other factors. This surgery provides a solution to common concerns such as vaginal laxity, pain during intercourse, insecurity, and / or dissatisfaction. So, how long does a vaginoplasty last?

The results of a surgical vaginoplasty last indefinitely, potentially a lifetime, but there are a few things that can affect or even reverse your results.

Aging is a common reason your results can change over time, a process unable to be fully stopped. However, you should not experience the degree of laxity experienced prior to rejuvenation. Childbirth after this procedure is another common culprit for lessening or even undoing the results of a vaginoplasty.

What About Non-Surgical Rejuvenation? How Long Do Those Results Last?

Vaginal rejuvenation comes in many different forms, both surgical and non-surgical, so how long does non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation last? Surgical procedures are more or less permanent, but non-surgical treatments typically aren’t.

On the bright side though, non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation, such as laser treatments, provide improvement, no downtime, and an overall less complicated procedure. Results achieved with this non-surgical alternative tend to last for a year before maintenance is required.

If you’re planning to add onto your family, consider non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation until you’re ready for a vaginoplasty.

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