What is “Sexual Dysfunction”?

Sexual problems are common in both women and men and can occur at any age.

In the United States

  • approximately 40 percent of women have sexual concerns
  • 12 percent report distressing sexual problems.

“Sexual dysfunction” can range form decrease in libido (sex drive), arousal, orgasm, or pain with sex that are bothersome to an individual. Sexual dysfunction may be a lifelong problem or acquired later in life after a period of having no difficulties with sex.

Women are most likely to be satisfied with their sex lives if they are physically and psychologically healthy and have a good relationship with their partner. Although a host of changes in hormones, blood vessels, the brain, and vaginal area can affect a woman’s sexuality, relationship difficulties and poor physical or psychological well-being contribute to the majority of sexual problems in women.

If you are experiencing decreased sexual desire or having pain with intercourse it is recommended that you follow up with a doctor.